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RawRocks Designer Jewellery

 RawRocks Designer Jewellery screenshot

A full eCommerce implementation with custom images, PHP coding, CSS templating and security functionality.

Technology Used:

  • zenCart eCommerce System
  • PHP 4
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • mySQL
  • FileZilla
  • UltraEdit Studio
  • GIMP Image Editor
  • Inkscape SVG Vector Editor
  • Cold Steel Template

Following a loss of website functionality on the previous RawRocks website, hArpanet was asked to rebuild a new RawRocks Designer Jewellery website from the ground up using open-source eCommerce software. For this project we chose the popular ZenCart open source eCommerce package which allows relatively easy customisation of plugins and templates, a solid codebase, and a vibrant support community.

The main purpose of this site is the sale and promotion of Handmade Designer Gold Jewellery, Handmade Designer Silver Jewellery, Raw Gemstones, Designer Gold Necklaces, Designer Gold Pendants, Designer Gold Earrings, Designer Gold Rings, Designer Silver Necklaces, Designer Silver Pendants, Designer Silver Earrings, Designer Silver Rings, therefore the site design needed to allow for these items and suitable expansion into other areas at a later time (eg. Wholesale Designer Jewellery supplies).

For the RawRocks project we were responsible for:

  • development of the website logo,
  • template image design,
  • product photography,
  • editing and clarification of jewellery images,
  • CSS stylesheet and template customisation.

We chose the Cold Steel zenCart template as the foundation for a layout to meet client requirements, adding customisations as relevant.

For RawRocks to function as required, hArpanet provided custom PHP coding and alteration of third-party image plugins, installation of Javascript rotating banners, installation and configuration of core zenCart files and implementation of additional security functionality to thwart possible hacking attempts.

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