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hArpanet has been involved in web development projects, computer programming and technical support for many, many years, providing experience, understanding and knowledge when discussing design requirements with our clients. Indeed, our name is derived from the very source of the Internet itself.

We believe in 'the most appropriate use of technology' which means you get a solution to meet your requirement not lots of hoorah, and we believe in a friendly, plain English discussion of your computer and internet requirements. (We can offer hoorah too if that is the most appropriate solution for you.)

Below is a small selection of web projects we have been involved in at various levels in the past. Please click on a project title, or the [Read More] link, to view more details about the project.

Sirius Claims

 Sirius Claims website screenshot

A start-up website and logo design service for this new company recovering customer insurance claims.

Motorcycle Training Wales Accessories

 Motorcycle Training Wales Accessories website screenshot

A standard X-Cart Commercial eCommerce system and eCommerce web-hosting installation for this online accessories company.

nMart Magento/Amazon/eBay

 nMart magento screenshot

A multi-language, multi-site Magento eCommerce management system to provide backend control of Amazon and eBay sales.

RawRocks Designer Jewellery

 RawRocks Designer Jewellery screenshot

A full eCommerce implementation with custom images, PHP coding, CSS templating and security functionality.

Hikerbox website screenshot

A CSS based, W3C validated portal gateway to the online electronic databook (THED) application.

Neat Wholesale

 Neat Wholesale screenshot

An Actinic 10 website developed from the ground up requiring template coding and custom CSS design to enhance functionality and implement bug fixing.

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