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Zend Framework - Choice 1 - ZF Libraries

With the default project structure set up, you have to decide how to manage the ZF Libraries.

  • Require users to download and unpack the ZF Libraries themselves
  • Package the ZF Libraries within your application

As I'm only developing the structure for a single website and not developing an Enterprise Level web application, it makes more sense for me to go for option 2 and bundle the ZF Libraries within my project. I'm not expecting to offer the website for download as a commercial or open-source project, so the extra files from the ZF Libraries makes no difference to me in this case.

Putting the ZF Libraries into your project

This is as simple as copying the library folder from the ZendFramework folder into your application's library folder.

In my case, I copied: c:\wamp\ZendFramework-1.11.7\library to: c:\wamp\square\library

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