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Getting Started #1 - Zend Framework - Making it Work

I decided it was about time I got started with Zend Framework (henceforth ZF), and with a bit of haggling managed to purchase the Zend Framework: A Beginner's Guide' book (henceforth ZFBG) - I wanted something I could scribble on while working on screen!

I found, while reading the book, and reading various web postings, that in order to grasp the beast that was ZF, I needed to get an idea of the working environment and how it is constructed. From here, I figured, I would have a decent foundation on which to build the ZFBG example application while simultaneously working on the design and planning for my own application.

This is a chronicle of my discoveries, mainly for my own notes and clarification, but it may also prove useful to someone else if I just 'put it out there'.

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