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Camera Tether h1a


vh1a - July 2012

hArpanet Camera Tether version h1a screenshot for Nikon and Canon DSLR Camera

  • new version number - removed references to diyphotobits as per Raymonds request
  • re-structured the interface - device, shutter section and preview section modified
  • added enable/disable Image Import feature
  • External Viewer now requires you to specify Titlebar Text (no longer defaults to Output folder)
  • Added 'Auto Import Images' tickbox to Importing - If you only need to remote-control your camera, you can now disable Import of images
  • Added 'None' option to Preview Size to disable image preview while still allowing image import
  • Added ALL option to Import Type to download all available image types from camera
  • Added BMP option to Import Type to allow download of .bmp format image types from camera
  • All help topics converted to internal message popup for immediate help - CameraTether now no longer requires web access



I've found this version and I feel it is much easier to handle than diyphotobits (which is really a very helpful tool). I finally got control on my Nikon D3100! However, there are still some problems in my computer (Windows 7): when using an external post processing viewer and editor such as Faststone, a message appear reporting a script error (the system do not find the specified file) and the path to the file 'postprocessing.vbs' is given. I probably am doing something wrong, perhaps in the Posting Processing Command box, but I'm unable to fix it. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks.

1 | 17/03/2014 20:39 |

@JALuis, are you trying to apply a 'post process', or do you simply want to view images as they come through?

I ask because the only mention of Faststone is in regard to the 'External Viewer Titlebar Text' entry in the IMPORTING section.

If you running post processing, note that the 'Post Processing command:' must contain the full path to the program that you are running to perform post processing. (The external viewer is different, it just needs the titlebar text.)

I'll take a look into this shortly and see if I can replicate the error.

2 | 26/03/2014 11:52 |

Thanks, DaveH. I'm getting some problems because of what seems an erratic behaviour of the script, or may be I'm doing everything wrong! Today, when I first run the script, (IMPORTING section: 'Auto Import Images?' and 'Trigger external viewver?' marked; 'External Viewver Titlebar:' Faststone) after releasing the shutter, everything was OK: the picture was taken and the preview image was uploaded. However, when I enabled post processing, with the right path to the image editor (such as 'ois.exe' of MS Office) in the appropriate box, an error message appears; something like this (translated from Spanish): “Error in the script of this page; line: 7; Character: 4; Error: the system could not find the specified file; Code: 0; URL: [the path to the file] 'postprocessing.vbs'. Do you still want running the scripts on this page?” (the same happens when clicking the 'Post Process' button in the PREVIEW section) If I then unmark 'Enable Post Processing', the shutter is released and the picture is taken in the right folder, but no preview image is shown. I have to close and re-start the application to recover the preview function. Besides, I have no choice to select an external image viewer different from my web browser despite the name I write in the 'External Viewer Titlebar Text:' box. If I write nothing in it, I get a message asking me to write a text there, but the image is also shown in the same preview site as earlier. If I double click the image, it is always shown in my predetermined web browser (IE11). Please, sorry if all of these is due to my complete ignorance about the matter, and, please, sorry, sorry again for what I guess is my appalling English.

3 | 26/03/2014 19:06 |

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