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Camera Tether 5.2h1


v5.2h1 - May 2012

hArpanet Camera Tether version h1 is an update to the hard work and excellent efforts of Ramyond Lowe over at and was based on Version 5.2 of Raymond's Camera Control application. As per Raymonds request, I will develop Camera Tether h# as my own software completely separate from the original CameraControl and I hope you enjoy the enhancements and features in this new version.

  • new stylesheet
  • new design layout
  • added checkboxes menu above footer to hide/show sections
  • added shortcut keys to operate checkboxes - use Alt 1, Alt 2,…Alt 8
  • added shortcut keys to operate shutter - use Alt Spacebar
  • added some error checking and internal help messages on shutter buttons
  • added option to specify external viewer titlebar text (overrides default setting requiring the folder path)
  • camera control now remembers window size and position
  • significant restructuring and tidying of program code - combined subs and removed redundant code
  • removed the popup message at startup regarding camera not supporting shutter activation (message is now shown below 'preview image appears here' if relevant)
  • removed RSS comments feed display
  • removed installer - just download and unzip to any folder then run CameraTether.hta (I hope!)
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