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QUick And Dirty (QUAD) Guides™

hArpanet QUAD Guides™ are 'dummies' guides to various topics, helping you get something specific achieved quickly and easily. We hope you find these of benefit and interests and look forward to any feedback you can offer to improve the guides.

Magento Global Functions - A Toolset for Templates

QUAD Guide Pre-requisites

So you have read the basic guides to creating Magento templates, and have played around a bit with the layout xml files, and possibly even tried some local.xml modifications to switch things on and off.

Next Steps:

Now you want to understand what is in the template blocks of .phtml files, or even begin creating your own blocks, containing various bits of Magento content. But what is available?

Actinic 11, WAMP Server, PERL and FileZilla Server

In order to trial the 'new' features of Actinic 11, I decided to set up a development site in WAMP1) server on Windows Vista, which I'll document here for anyone else looking to do something similar. The information is already 'out there' on the web, but I'll collate it here for ease of use. This is assuming you want to run a local copy to test Actinic; you can of course opt to go with the free Actinic hosting to save performing these steps. Another alternative is to use one of the many free web hosting servers currently available accross the web (eg.,, etc.)

1) Windows, Apache, mySQL, PHP
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