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Its My Kano not Meccano

The Kano Kit image

With all the wonderful hoorah lately about the up-and-coming Year of Code backed by the Mother of computer programming in the UK (the BBC), I'm very excited to have got my pre-order in for the awesome looking Kano…

The Kano is pretty much a 'Pimp My Pi' kit which includes the Python powered Raspberry Pi computer with a bunch of cables, keyboard and wifi dongle to let 'normal' people create a computer within minutes while keeping the 'home-grown' project feel.

The great thing I love about the Kano is that it is focussed on getting people into computer programming easily, and keeping newbies away from that daunting kernel bash prompt that the Pi leaves you with.

See all the wonderfulness of the Kano here, and once we receive our kit I will be giving more details here, so keep an eye out!


K Q᠎ I Q O Z V G Z V P᠎ U
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